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Контрольна робота з письма.


1. Fill in too or enough.

1) This trip is safe_____ for little children.

2) There were______ many people at the airport.

3) He is_____ young to travel without parents.

4) This bus is comfortable______ to travel long distances.

5) This tea is______ sweet for me.

6) Den is clever_______ to study well at school.


2. Make up sentences in the Present Perfect Tense.

1) He/just/to return/from Canada.

2) We/not to book/the tickets/yet.

3) You/ever/to travel/by ship?

4) Ann/already/to read/this book.

5) They/already/to be/to India.

6) Tim/not/to travel/by plane/yet.


3. Circle the correct answer.

1) Kate gave money to the driver and got out of / on the taxi.

2) People often travel by train / foot.

3) There were too many / much people at the railway station.

4) Travelling by ship / bus is called a voyage.

5) Fred caught / missed the bus and couldn’t get to the railway station in


6) My friend prefers missing / taking a tram to get to school.

4 Write questions to the answers.

1) Where__________________?

I went to the seaside last month.

2) What____________________?

She always takes a camera with her.

3) When____________________?

They will arrive next Friday.

4) How______________?

We usually travel by car.

5) What__________________________?

My brother has bought a new computer.

6) Why_________________________________?

She is making sandwiches because she is hungry.

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